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Legal: Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. This site uses "cookies." This information is provided by The Easterling Group. Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with the ownership, leasing, operations, or management of the center, and are not responsible/liable for any activities at the center. Please contact "TRC Retail" of Newport Beach regarding all issues/complaints, as the center's director of property management, Victor Port, unfortunately, refuses to answer questions submitted via this website regarding subjects such as lease opportunities, a potential movie theater, and other issues raised by the greater La Costa/Carlsbad community via this site. 

La Costa Town Square


Information on La Costa's premier shopping center

La Costa Town Square is San Diego North County's newest shopping center, located at the intersection of La Costa Blvd. and Rancho Santa Fe Rd. in Carlsbad, California. This website is provided as a community service to residents of the area.

We have developed this site to provide the latest information on stores, restaurants, banks and other services being added to the shopping center. For leasing information and all complaints or concerns, please contact "TRC Retail" of Newport Beach (signs are located on available spaces or visit TRC Retail (Victor Port, Director of Property Mangement) refuses to address inquiries passed on via this website regarding a potential movie theater or others issues, so we are unable to pass on your questions/concerns about the center to TRC Retail. We are not affiliated with the ownership, leasing company, or maintenance of the center.

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