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La Costa Town Square

La Costa Town Square is San Diego North County's newest shopping center, located at the intersection of La Costa Blvd. and Rancho Santa Fe Rd. in Carlsbad, California. This website is provided as a community service to residents of the area.

We have developed this site to provide the latest information on stores, restaurants, banks and other services being added to the shopping center. For leasing information, please contact TRC (signs are located on available spaces or visit

We are not affiliated with the ownership, leasing company, or maintenance of the center.

Thank you.

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The Easterling Group of companies are owned by Todd Easterling and family, homeowners and business owners in La Costa/Carlsbad. 

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The Easterling Group has the following interests:

● Family owned local brokerage for buyers, sellers & investors (buyer rebates on homes; MLS listing)
● Real estate investments
● Member of National Association of Realtors & San Diego County MLS

● Latest novel, "The Miracle Man." Top 1% of all/4.2 million books. (Tech advisers: Sir Ian Wilmut, cloned Dolly, & Dr. Hal Broxmeyer, pioneer in cord blood transplants & stem cell research)
● "The First Witness" is currently on 8 Best Seller lists, as high as #1 (techno-thrillers, political suspense, conspiracies, genre fiction/political).
● Originally discovered by Pinder Lane Garon-Brooke Literary Agency, of John Grisham Fame
● Film / motion picture / movie rights